Fps Effects

Hi I want to know how to make fps effect example like when i shoot its come the fair effect and bullet fly away from the side of the weapon.

I have no idea what you just said, but I think this might help you.

i think that help you :slight_smile:

PS:do you have Spore?

Do I have spore? HELL YA I HAVE SPORE! I pre-ordered the $75 galactic edition almost a year before it was released! :smiley:

0_o you have 2 of my favorite things, spore, and blender :slight_smile:

Please phrase your question better next time.
@Socker & longnose: Please don’t use other people’s thread for personal conversations.

Why not? They tried to help the original poster, they discovered a common interest, and absolutely no harm was done.

@ Socker & Longnose: I like spore too!

OK OK, i would shutup the next time, the other blend is wath you need, if not, i think you are talking about the FPS FX effects, they are easy, to make an smoke effect (like when you shoot and the gun trow Smoke) just use 1/3 Emptyes on the gun Hole, and make that when you shoot it add an smoke with fade effect, in the IPO cruve editor, the rest are too easy, just search for tutorials