FPS game I'm making. Link with screenshots included.


Those are the screenshots. There’s not much story so far.

I looked at every picture on that page and it looks nice :slight_smile: the flying head (souls) look cool, can’t wait to blast them out with a shotgun :smiley:

I was wondering, how much polygons is that arm?

The effects do look really nice. I did notice that the blood looked kinda bright but that could be easily fixed if you wanted to. Keep up the work with the bad guys and effects.

The blood I fixed. Anyway, I’m not sure how many polys the arm has. I believe around 2000, but I’m not sure. Almost every model in the game is in the thousands, but I’m trying to use little tricks to make it run fast. Thanks for the comments, and I’ll work harder :smiley:

I do like gameblender.com .

I added a thing so you can view the gun through your sights, for precision. The first level is almost done, but it’s being tweaked to make it perfect.

The first level is done! I’ll upload it soon, but it’s done!!!

Here’s some screenshots:


This is about the end of the level.


This is right before I got to the end of the level :frowning:

I improved the zombie, and the movement. Plus, I added some gore for good measure.


Have fun. The screenshot may offend some people, so, if blood and gore offends you, don’t look.