fps game in progress

this is an fps game that i started making it today(the weapon took me 2 days) here is the blend file. it’s still in progress. check it out^^:)
fpstest.blend (461 KB)

I think this goes here. http://blenderartists.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=35

Downloading it now. ^.^

Edit just tried it out. It is a good start. The only comments I have are:

Make the cube that you use to move around invisible so you can not see it.
And the controls for movement are very weird, it is like Q,Z,S,D. Why not just W,A,S,D?

But a very good start.

Games go on the Game Engine section, Works in progress, game demos, finished games…
Do you need help? What’s your video card? Do you want to use OpenGL GLSL shaders?
If you do, it will look like the most modern games. :slight_smile:

first of all my controles are wierd cause i have a french key board
my grafic card is Gforce 8500 RAM 2.50 GBites
can i make the graphycs look better
and if you have any ideas tell me
and i need help please and how can i use the OpenGL GLSL shaders please

With this build, just replace the original blender files. If you have problems with that build just extract the zip version of what you were using, but it worked fine for me.

replace the original blender files? how with what?
(sorry still noob in blender GE)

No, you don’t need to know about Blender to do that. You’re a n00b with computers and directories too. You need to download this 7ZIP archive, if there’s a folder called apricot or something like that click until you see the folder with blender.exe, then select all and drag to your blender directory, normally C:/Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender.
If you have vi$ta, it’s better to disable UAC (google) and then all’s fine.
And you need 7zip @ www.7zip.com If you hate installing stuff, I’ll send you a ZIP