FPS game level template - under ground tunnels

Something I made. Control with arrow keys. Enjoy.

Updated .blend file!


FPS game template - under ground tunnel 1.blend (156 KB)

pack data ^^

textures would be nice, and a better control scheme too (mouse, so you can strafe with A and D)
If I had to pick one thing for you to fix though, it would be the movement- never use DLoc, it causes major physics problems.

Oh darn, i didnt pack the textures did i?

abd the movement, i didnt do that, i just importd a camera from another project that already had the logic bricks

Nice tunnels!!!Can please tell us how you made them?

I made a circle with 7 verticies and extruded it. then i just overlayed the ends.

if its all pink or has no textures I will updtae it later

Updated the post!

this is nice im gonna add my gun to the map and texture the tunnel with something less white lol

This gives more the idea of a racing game.


B3D00L yeah it dos lol i was thinking that.