FPS GAME : lost N ruins .

one of my oldies …:smiley:

lost N ruins


SCREENSHOTS …i have created this game by myself


Um…whats up with the second level? I get stuck there and I have no clue what F7 is supposed to do.

can you put the files in .zip format please

blendme jsut download 7zip(google it)

i get stuck on level 2 also
how do you get up the stairs

WinRAR handles all zipped files ive come across, its much better than having winzip AND 7zip. You should try that. As far as the game, very neat but too short = )

7zip is frikkin awesome.

how the heck do you get up the stairs. oh and the links are screwed i redownloaded it and whenever i get to level two it is on autostart game and crashes