FPS game movement [keyboard] with camera like CS:S

Hello I am making a FPS game but i need help by the movement with the keyboard like in CS:S. I tried it with logic bricks but its false because when i move with the mouse right the camera goes wrong.


fps game.blend (174 KB)

Hello the problem is that you rotate the camera wich is a child of your cube and you put the motion actuator for the left/right rotation on the camera. So only the camera and the gun rotate and the cube did not rotate. You must add the motionactuator for the left/right rotat on the cube so the cube and all child objects are rotates. I changed your file so you can see waht I mean.
fps game.blend (178 KB)

http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/Game_Engine/MouseLook/MouseLook_First_1.html Step 8-11

your movement seem to be a bit strange try this movement script

oh wait whoopes i just gave you the same tutorial as hG1. dont bother click on my link becasue it goes to the same place pretty much.