Fps game production problems (Noob :P)

Hi I’m trying to kinda learn to use blender by working on a project. I’ve been trying to follow tuts and per-made templates (Just the base programming, etc). I’ve restarted the project several times finally i got to the point where all i ant to do is make the character.

So my problem is I wanna animate my character, even in first person mode. but if you look at my .blend file somethings way off because the character just shoots off in one direction when testing the game. :spin:

Also if anyone could explain to me how to make a kind of grappling gun. :eyebrowlift2: Like shooting out a cord and when the end touches solid mass it pulls the character to it. Also if possible to make lighter dynamic objects to be pulled in to the character. :yes:

Thanks for any help.

P.S, if you know of any DETAILED tuts out there that will help me, I don’t mind learning. Just YouTube and such Vids are all so basic and they don’t really explain what their doing and why. Just how to do it. THANKS. XD

Here the .blend


Thats perfect thanks for the help. :smiley:

No problem, just so you know, you can edit your first post, go advanced, and then go to prefix - mark as solved. :wink: Just so no one else clicks into a solved thread. (unless of course it’s not solved :o)