FPS Game rig help

Hi, Im having difficulty’s making the hand bones follow the gun correctly after export. I have attached a link to a video to better explain the problem.

Any help would be appreciated thanks :smiley:


pretty much using bone constraints copy transform, copy rotation or copy transform doesn’t do the job as intended when you export, so i was wondering does anyone else know of a better solution to keep the hands properly on the gun with a fps rig?

Might check out this link for FPS with a weapon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dhK1UGzbUU

I was trying to avoid directly parenting the weapons bones to the hand as the hand has to come off for reloading and brushing the weapon etc.


parenting doesn’t seem to do anything to change it either, it seems that when ever a bone has an IK on it, the interpolation between frames when exporting doesn’t go where intended