FPS Game Tutorial?


Are there any tutorials on making FPS games with Blender Game Engine. I’ve dabbled with the engine, but would love to make a FPS. I’ve made many numerous 2D games, but now want to make a 3D one.

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Look more at existing ones to get the hang of it, because I don’t think there is a tutorial for that.

There’s a snailrose tutorial that would give you the knowledge to write one but I don’t know where I got the link for it. I’m just starting it myself, but it goes through just about everything in a fps game, even though it’s sort of 3rd person mech thingy. I would class it as a “must do” tutorial even if your not interested in shooters. Use it in combination with the ginger bread man from the manual when you do the skinning and rigging because some of it might be a little different or I didn’t understand it.

Here’s the link to SnailRose’s tutorial.


Jason Lin