FPS game

Me and my friend are trying to make a FPS(First person shooter)Game and need some help if you want to help email me at [email protected]

Thank you:D

Im not much of a game designer, but if you want help, youll have to post some info on the project; story, characters, and what you need help for specifically. Otherwise, people wil pass right over, since they dont know what you want.

anything like i need some people to make guns and bullets. also i need python coders real bad plz

Maby post this on game engine forum (just because, there’s way more people who are interested in making games there).

Sigh Post some information! The forums are flooded with noobs asking for help on games that they have no idea how to finish… Give us something to use for reference. Tell us the story. Get some experience.

Really bad start to get anything that could be called “help” after all. Unless you follow those upcoming rules you won’t have any success.

  1. Describe the project: Gametype, Story summary, Goals
  2. Describe what you have: Team members, already done work
  3. Describe what you want: For example “looking for a modeller able to make models from those artworks”
  4. Informations about what work has to be done: For example “Task: Make player models from those sketches”

and finally

  1. Learn to write proper english

The last one is the most important. If you write like a primary school pupil unable to spell words correctly you look like a newbie having no idea what he is up to.

Leave. Now.

i know proper english

And besides, I’ve heard too much about people wanting to make games, but never providing the specs. Don’t worry about the harsh posts darksid. Just move over to the Game Engine.

Thx for backing me up everyone, but dont worry darksid, Im sure youve got a great project, we just cant help without any info. And take the advice of many of these people and move this to the game engin forum. everyone there will be glad to help.
peace man, and good luck