FPS game

I am making a First person shooter game and need some help

I need;Some python coders to help with bullets and explosives etc…
Some people to make textures using any program they want.
Some gun makers and level makers.

I am working on a gun right now.


Still in progress.

Please reply in this thread if you want to help or have any coments, or email me at [email protected]

Thank you.

Make a tech demo, devise a solid story, and maybe make a video and then it will peak people’s interests. No offense, but… no one wants to see the classic “I need you to make me a game” over and over.

As I said before, make a tech demo, and you’ll get a lot more volunteers.

I can’t really tell from the pic, but the gun looks too high poly and way too flat.

The familiar old “I want, I want” cry, backed by nothing. Typical:

Geez not another one

people like you darksid is the ones taking up the space on the forums… lol jk. but like the others said, you need to at least make half of the game… before any body even considers thinking about helping… just keep making models and maybe some one might help.

just out of curiosity whats different about your game :confused:

I find this a tad offensive, though I hate to join the croud of angry game blenders here, mainly be cause it’s fairly clear from your screen shot, that you know NOTHING about the blender game engine. Firstly, your screen shot is a render, something entirely unrelated to the game engine, and secondly, your gun model has many thousands of polygons which, if you continue to have more objects, you may end up destroying all the computers in the world (somehow) by making them run impossible processes. This insults me, and I’m sure the rest of the forum because it shows you haven’t even taken the time to learn anything about the Blender Game Engine, or any kind of game making in general. Additionally, you would now like to hand off your work to the community, yet direct us all to do your bidding, while we carry the load.

Now to the helping you part:

Some tuts:

Here’s a list of tutorials and reference material to use. Most of these aren’t written for Blender or the GIMP, but the same concepts apply to those programs that apply to Photoshop and 3ds Max or Autodesk Maya. This is more of a general collection of tutorials aimed at game design in general. It is also invaluable to advanced users as well.

Character Modelling and skinning:

Zombie tut 1
Zombie Tut 2
Zombie tut 3
Face skinning
Identity Crisis

General Texturing:

Ripped Cloth
Dirty Metal
Adding Pipes
Making Textures Tile
Paul Jaquays Tutorial Database

Game Logic:

Using Text in the GE
Creating a Health Bar
Making a Menu

Planning and design:

Pre-Dev Planning
Level Design Concepts

General Modelling:

Low Poly tips/tricks
Make Each Vertex Count

If you have questions with any of these tutorials, post them here. Be specific about the problem and where it occurs.

Also, check out the blender wiki.

Wow, thanks for the links Dim! :smiley:

No problem. I have spent some time doing game relaated research.

Yeah thabks Iv already done some.

Learn to make real models, if it gonna be a game, pay attention to polygons, lowpoly is recommended. Learn the logicbricks and even better, learn som python too…

Thats what im going to do.

okay, good,