FPS Gun .blend

Well I never did get round to animating this so I’d though I’d put it out there, maybe someone will find it useful. The model is optimized for use in an FPS. 752 tris including the magazine.
Click for the .blend


Its free for use as long as you credit me where appropriate.


great work…

Nice, how meny poly´s it have.

Nice work I’m going to try to make it look like it is fireing bullets!!(IF you dont mind?)

Read the bold at the bottem:

@blenderage: Really nice work!

Great job mate :wink:


I’ll have fun studying it.

Really beautiful model. I might use it. 5 Stars from me :slight_smile:

where’s the other side ?!?


Made invisible for efficiency with the game engine.

yeah, he said it’s made for fps. you look at it from the top left so you don’t need the other side. smart.

Cool! Rendering it is very realistic! How do you get these textures?

Finally. It’s perfect for my game.

Good work.

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Hi! Anyone can re-up blend file? Many Thanks