Fps hands and weapon riging and animating reload tutorial please :(

Please guys make tutorial about first person hands and weapon rigging and animation reloading rifle!!!
There are no comprehensible and complete tutorials on youtube nor in google:(
There are few abrupt mumbling attempts to do some of that with no solid and consistent steps shown to viewer.
If you know how to go about this please make video or article showing all steps from unrigged hands and rifle models to finished anmated asset redy to be exported to external game engine.
A lot of good tuts are there for Max and Maya but not a single one comparably good tutorial for Blender:/
Please please guys if you know how to do it please make tutorial about this!!!
God bless you all!!!

I think you can break it down into parts.

How to Model hands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsdFkl2qjCU

How to Rig Hands:

FPS Gun:

Hope this helps