Does anyone know where i can get a first person view script for free that i can use commercialy for a game?

Umm, don’t get me wrong here, but do you even need a script for first person view? :expressionless: I might not know much.

It’s basically just a camera looking into the world. Has a bounding sphere on it and the basic functions so that you can turn left, right, forward, backward, etc

Then again, I may be wrong and there is a first person view script.

Jason Lin

FPS games [on the pc] have the view rotated with the mouse

so, while you can create a first person view without python, it will not respond to the mouse

I have my own mouse script, and there are plenty of others (I do not claim mine to be perfect)


:expressionless: I was about to say something about the mouse script too, lol, something held me back.

Hmm, so your script will handle rotations for the camera when it goes up, down, sideways, etc?

Jason Lin

it locks the cursor at the center of the view and rotates an object (an empty in that .blend, the camera is a child of it) based on the mouse’s movement

if you want to make it [that empty] a dynamic object, you may need to consider the up/down rotation and how it would affect your movement