Fps help

I havet some questions about fps stuff i need answered please and thank you.1.how can i make a background like the sky and sun.2.How can i make it were when you use the scroll thing on your mouse to change your wepons.3.How can you make were you only shoot an amout of bullets.4.How can i make where you can pick like wepons of the ground and go into turrets and stuff.5.How cn i make a simple cave.Thats all I’m sorry i ask to many questions its just i want my fps game to be good.The whole time i’ve had blender i’ve just modle.
Srry the may questions:(

Improve grammar and orthography.

Learn python, or you won’t reach anything. This is video game programming, not a game map editor/modding tool for changing models and making maps.

I recommend going to this site FIRST of all:
Non-Programmer’s tutorial for Python
If you have enough patience, I recommend you read a C programming language book, and Python will be way too easy for you. That way you’ll know alot about programming.

  1. Use a skydome (A sphere cut in half scaled -Z with a sky texture). You can simply use a blue gradient texture and then make separated alpha halo clouds, which is better. Halo is something that always tracks the camera to look like a halo. Alpha is transparency in some areas of polygons assigned by textures.
    2.You can use python, or logic bricks. If you DONT KNOW WHAT ARE LOGIC BRICKS, GOOGLE GAME ENGINE TUTORIALS. I prefer using keyboard keys. You can use ray cubes and stuff to play an animation for weapon changing and replace the mesh when needed, or use Python with timing. If you want to “scroll thing on your mouse”, then use two sensors, Mouse, wheel up, and Mouse, wheel down. Each one of them connected to an AND controller and then to a property weapon -> add for wheel up, and remove for wheel down. You need to read lots of tutorials. You just jumped into game developing. Tutorials for starting:
    Blender - Noob to Pro (I would call it “Noob to Medium Noob”).
    Blendenzo’s tutorials
    Search this forum.
  2. Use a property sensor, or python :slight_smile:
    4.Collision, property, assign, machinegun, true. For turrets, add a sensor in movements, turret. If turret is false, be able to move. Else, dont move. Make the turret follow mouse movement…
  3. Model it and texture it. Make it by extruding a circle around and then using the fractal tool… Search for tutorials and learn to model.


I’d really recommend going to Blendenzo’s site and looking at the tutorials, they are awesome. They taught me quite a bit. Also, I’ve found Python simplifies things a lot, but then again, I like to program :cool:.

thx did you get avater from final fantansy?