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How can i do weapon switch with Social’s FPS Template?

well, add another “gun”, place/parent it the same way as the other and make a little animation to make both “appear/catch” ( or use invisibility maybe), when your character hit a “bonus” or with a keyboard action, for ex.
Keyboard Sensor -> AND -> "gun 1 -IPO ACTUATOR - go_down- frame 1 -frame 20
…->"gun 2 -IPO ACTUATOR - go_up- frame 1 -frame 20

well… how can i make it so that it has different shooting patterns… like a shot gun and Machine gun has two different shooting time and stuff… how can i do that? :rolleyes::spin::eyebrowlift::confused:
:no: answer just yet for me

You could make a property where if it’s 1, use one method of shooting, and if it’s 2, use the other method of shooting, This is assuming you know all the other stuff and how to make it shoot in different ways, Also set a control to Q or something to toggle the property from 1 to 2

Well, I guess that the “shooting” is controlled by the python scripts?
Try to find those parameters inside the script, and carefully change some of them to match your needs!

can anyone share me a .blend example that they have created?
i am a visual learners… so sorry if i am bugging you all…
i like to see how it is done and then i can learn how to do it in the future :frowning: