fps help

hi, i’m new here (i have been using blender for about 3 months) and i was hoping if anyone had a weapon blend file.

you switch between weapons and pick up ammo.

or can anyone make/send me a link to a very good one/ a very good fps tutorial

i have looked it up on youtube but want to make sure i am doing it right. <<<<<

this is the right place for this right… it did say “game engine resources”.

Visit http://www.blendswap.com/ there you should find a blend that you like.
On youtube are many many tutorials, just search for something like “weapon modelling”, “UV texturing”, “mouselook script”…

Switching between weapons can be done using properties in Logic Bricks. Using the ‘boolean’ property you can make it true or false, if you have Weapon1 in your hand it will be true, when it is true, make weapon one visible and Weapon2 invisible using the visibility actuator. Ammo can be done with an integer property, if you collide with AmmoBox, add 20ammo to the property etc.

Here is an example of gun pick-ups, kinda’.

Here is part one of a three part tutorial that covers making a basic game with a character, you can skip part one if you don’t want to model/texture the char. It should help.

Here is the start of a great series for a beginner with the game engine, it teaches you a lot of features and is very helpful.

on YouTube search for tutorials or visit Blender sites like;