FPS Horror Game In Blender (Arenal RSL)

Hey everyone!

I’m working on an FPS horror game in the Blender Game Engine, and I would really appreciate it if you’d give me some feedback on it or just stuff I can improve on. I made a simple trailer for it so I’ll post that video below!

Thanks everyone!
Part #2


Part #1


Nice! Keep working on this game. I expect more progress:D

Update #2 is out!

Hey Arsenal,

I’ve watched so much of your tutorials, you’re a master of BGE for me so it’s a pleasure to see your projects here.

Anayway… very nice result here… we want to see more :cool:

Thanks! It’s nice to see that my work is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Well nice work so far can totally understand and agree that your experienced dev. So far to mind come only one suggestion padlock with overlay and option to move with axis left/right/up/down and select with A and other gun. Not sure, but storyline like alien come alive from cryogenic cylinder with dynamic mist particles etc.

Really nice work !!
Do you use normal map ( and height map eventually) for your texture ? If not you should, it would give relief and more realistic feeling :slight_smile: (For now some of them look a bit “flat”).

Keep up the good work, I hope I 'll be able to try your game !