Fps Movements

So having some small probs, I followed the mouse and movements tuts from http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/Game_Engine/Tutorials_index.html Did the linking to the dimples and everything as shown in the pics. But when i run game i can look up/down/left/right but when i try to move “S” somehow is now forward and “W” does jack all.

Might want to post a .blend to make it easier for people to see what’s gone wrong…

Sorry about that here is the blend file

i can look up and down left and right i can move forward by using the “S” key even thoe its set to “W”


TRN1.blend (770 KB)

There are two problems:

  1. you’ve got your character/camera facing backwards. To make a positive velocity value move forwards and a negative value move backwards you need to rotate your character 180 degrees around the z axis and then apply scale/rotation. You could also change the “10” in the servo actuator to “-10”, but I don’t recommened doing this as it will probably end up confusing you later on. it doesn’t make much sense to use negative numbers to move forward and positive numbers to move backwards now does it?

  2. The linear velocity for your forward motion actuator is set to “0”. I think you probably meant to set it to 10. Or if you leave the character backwards as it is, you’ll have to set it to -10. But again, I’d just recommend fixing the rotation. it’ll take you about two seconds and save you some confusion later on.

Well just a update i did what you said for rotate, When i hit S-key now i move backwards. But i still cant move forwards.

I did the other part i put linV to “10” that fixed my forward and can go backwards thank you so much was driving me nuts last night lol

Edit: One last question not sure if it is a friction problom not even sure how to adjust it but the stop commands dont seem to be working i am still sliding?