FPS Online game

I want to make an FPS cross-network game capable of hosting/ playing hosted servers, and choosing which server to join. Unfortunately, I can’t find ANY tutorials on how to set up this type of networking :frowning: . Can anyone give me a link to a tutorial on this setup? I’m proficient in modeling, rigging, animation, and logic bricks(if that counts:))…just not anything to do with python…

A Summary:
can host/can play hosted
Tutorial set-up

To make this as simple as possible, I just need to spawn in a minimum of 1 object, the other 2 objects it needs will be spawned in with an add object…

Sorry, there is not build in networking. You need to do that with Python. Have a look at the Resource forum.

Sorry if I’m kind of a noob, but I couldn’t find any subtopic called “resource forum” is it another part of the site?


I would recommend using Agoose77’s networking script. It’s well optimized and has some great features, however not enough for an entire game at this current moment. You will still need to learn python in order to work in some extra functions (such as scoreboards and chat etc.).

one category up and it is there three forums below this forum

I hope you realize making such thing is pretty hard even for an experienced programmer using familiar tools…

Sometimes starting with a big project can lead you to be a more experienced programmer; you will learn from your mistakes and find useful things while working on it that will help you in the future, though you may never finish it, the learning alone will push you further into other projects with the same creative thinking :slight_smile: (just my two cents)

I actually can’t program in Python, which is a major downside. I have made 2 FPS one player games already that utterly suck, but are none-the-less games. They were destroyed when I accidently overloaded my computer and had to format it…But tackling the bigger things lead to learning more, getting more frustration, but most of all…you can see what you have to learn and where you are now