FPS: Origin - Looking for teammates!

Ok, The game I have planned is based off of the universe created in the Gaming Steve Spore Roleplaying section (mind you, that’s an old name that should really be changed, it’s not linked to Spore anymore).
Now, I’m new to Blender, so I need help with this. People with experience preferred, because if I need help they can help me, and if I mess something up they’re there to mop it up :P.
Modelers: (minimum 2, myself counted)
Animators: (need one minimum)
Texturers: (need one minimum)
Programmers (Minimum of 1)
Sounds (I suppose we don’t NEED this, but custom sounds would be good)
Voice Actors (Don’t even know HOW many we need at this point XD)
Ky’ria: The player character, is a Photos lieutennate.
Kasoon: Shadow commander, leads the invasion of the planet the game takes place on (not yet named, I may add :P) and happens to be one real S.O.B.
(These lists may expand)
The main protagonist, Ky’ria, is one of the soldiers deployed to help stop an invasion of a vital world by the Shadow. However, right as he is about to fight with said leader, the Nameless invasion begins. (In order for ANY of this to make even the slightest bit of sence, you’ll need to read up on the forum on the other side of that link up thar :P)

Type: First Person/Third Person shooter (I’d like to have a variable viewpoint :D)
Number of players: 1
Genre: Science Fiction

You’re going to need more than that to get people interested. People don’t want to ‘mop up’ your mistakes. Not many experienced artists are going to want to join with this lack of information and work. Keep working and start some of the game yourself, and more people will become interested! You say you can model, lets see a nice character or even progress of a character, map, etc. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Heh…yeah…not too well. I’m still learning. But I’ll see what I can do.

Yes, screens and videos help. Take it from me - I’ve started game projects. You have to sell the project. And as your game gets going, you’ll have to keep your team interested. It’s irksome - I had a lot of people join and quit (thanks very much to all contributors!), and then ended up with 1 very long term collaborator (with several bits and pieces from “contributing members”, and a fabulous composer - Phil Rey. My game is suspended while I make a lot of progress myself. SO,what I’d advise is to get as much work done on it as possible before recruiting a team, because as I said, you’ll have to keep your team interested. Just my 2 cents.

Well, you said show some of the progress.
Here’s a sideshot of an untextured Plasma Rifle, your primary weapon throughout the earlier stages of the game.
…Wow. I took a Gif of the render, I can’t upload it as an attachment, it says it’s an invalid file. And I can’t do [img] because it counts as url.
Ok, It’s as an attachment. Look away. Again, I need to learn how to texture XD.


Post jpg’s. Better quality, especially when you start texturing.

-Export the uv map
-Open in PS or Gimp
Paint! Remember, paint in real world ware and scratches and bake AO. All of that makes a huge difference.

Could you walk me through that, if you’d be so kind. I’m using 2.5. I just have no idea even how to unwrap.
I’m sorry for being bad at this, I’m just new. This is the first time I’ve really sat down and tried to learn this.

Well, you’ll need to find a tutorial. I’ll look around - It’s not something I can really cover in a post. I’ll edit this post when I find one.

Here’s an unwrap tut. Have not watched it, but CGCookie makes great tuts, so I suggest starting there.

Here’s a bunch. No unwrapping.

A few of mine.

Thanks a lot, and thanks more for getting pissed at me for being completely incompetant :P.

No way! I’d get pissed if you thought you knew everything, like me! Well, everything except (very long list)…CGCookie has a lot of other tuts as well. I look forward to progress.

Agh…this UV unwrapping is So. Damn. Confusing.
I think I’ll make more models, then get around to that pain in the ass that is texturing XD.

yeah it can be quite irritating, especially when you need to unwrap complicated model with layers upon layers of geometry -_-

I would assume you’ve figured this one out, but press the U-key in Edit-mode to unwrap the mesh to a texture. Smart projection will unwrap everything correctly, but it’s probably better to figure out what edges and such you want for your mesh’s UV-map.

Yeah, the tutorial I was watching explained it, but It’s still a big complicated mess-the barrel and Grip of the plasma rifle both take up the entire grid space when selected. I’ll sort this crap out later on. I’d rather get the models and crap done and at least get this thing running; textures can wait, for the most part.

Remember this - simple, clean models are easiest to unwrap.You can scale important parts up in the uv editor, so that the textures are more detailed in those parts. This is common on characters - the face is larger than the feet, proportionally so, in the uv editor. Confusing, I know, but it gets easier!


  1. Modelers assemble meshes. Pass onto texturers.
  2. Texturers handle the UVUnwrap, all that BS, and get the mesh textured. Pass onto Animators.
  3. Animators rig the model, bone it, whatever they need to do, and then assemble the animations.
  4. The programmers handle the syncing of the animations with the actions ingame.

I figure this “assembly line” outline should help keep things going smoothly. Of course, I don’t know the community too well at the moment, so I could be dead wrong.
Ah well, work n’ revise. :slight_smile:

  1. Modelers assemble meshes. Pass onto texturers.
  2. Texturers handle the UVUnwrap, all that BS, and get the mesh textured. Pass onto Animators.
  3. Animators rig the model, bone it, whatever they need to do, and then assemble the animations.
  4. The programmers handle the syncing of the animations with the actions ingame.

1)Modelers may or may not create easily unwrapped models.
2) If this happens, texturers will be unhappy
3) Modelers may not create models than can be rigged well. If this happens, riggers will be unhappy. Models will go back to modelers to fix. Models will then have to be re-unwrapped, and re-textured. Texturers will be unhappy.

I’m not trying to be negative. That’s just how it goes…

I figured as much. Again, Lack of experience makes trying to work some of this out a major pain in the ass XD.
How about The modelers not only assemble the meshes but rig them as well?
About not easily unwrapped models, that is something I can’t really do much about, that would more or less come down to the experience of the modeler, I would imagine.

Modelers should texture - don’t separate those. They should also take it upon themselves to learn how to model for rigging. Use 1 base character and 1 base rig for all people, and modify geometry and textures.

Calling this a Squad-based FPS would be more accurate, because you’ll have to rely on your squad throughout the game’s various missions, and each of your squadmates have different statistics and weapon proficiencies. Your squad of five is comprised of two riflemen (including yourself), a Gunner, a Sniper, and a Demolitions expert. The Riflemen use your typical Plasma Rifles/Carbines. The Sniper tends to use longer, more powerful weaponry that is slower to fire (although a weapon you obtain later in the game is radically different from that hint hint). The Gunner uses bulky, rapid-fire machinegun-style weapons and other fully-automatic weaponry. The Demolitions Expert uses Rocket Launchers and other explosive ordinance, as well as penetrating charges and the like. Working as a squad and keeping everybody alive will be important, because getting stuck against a tank without your Demoman is going to be a pain in the ass, and trying to fight a mess of enemies without your Gunner is going to end badly.
For reference, here is a list of the squadmate classes and what weapons are designed for them. Mind you, you can give any weapon to any squadmate, but if they aren’t proficient with it, it won’t work out too well.

Plasma Rifle
Plasma Carbine
Rotary Plasma Rifle
Mass-Reactive Rifle
SNIPER: (is moderately proficient with Rifleman weapons too)
Marksman’s Plasma Rifle
EV-215 Sniper Rifle
Penetrator Autorifle
Heavy Plasma Repeater
Plasma Strike Cannon
Striker Light Autocannon
Mk. I Rocket Launcher
Slingfire Missile Launcher
Quadrashot Rocket Launcher
Mass-Reactive Cannon

In the “hub”, where you’re not in a mission, but is kinda like the menu space, there are several places you can go:
COMMAND CENTER: The Command Center is where you are assigned your missions and are given clearance for new weaponry and armor.
ARMORY: In the armory, you can decide what armor and weapons you and your squadmates use. You can unlock new weapons here once you have the clearance to use them, which is free. You can also upgrade the Rate of Fire, Damage, Range, and Ammo-capacity/Heat Management of all weapons. Most weapons have a unique upgrade that costs a small fortune, but drastically increases the power of the weapon.
SQUAD BAY: Here you can talk with your squadmates. What they say will vary between missions. It’s more or less for that little extra bit of stuff, and is not mandatory that you visit here to complete the game.
…wow do I have my work cut out for me XD.