FPS: Origin - Looking for teammates!

sounds nice ! ive always wanted to make a game ! could i help you ?

Sure. What role did you have in mind, or are you just getting started, like myself?

i´m pretty new at blener … but at the moment im using evry free minute and learning and triying stuff out … i dont know maybe at the beggining i was thinking of trying a bit of all … but if u want me to do something specific… i can trie . With modeling im the farest und best (from all of the jobs… )

I already have many of the cutscenes in the game planned out in my head. As in the big ones that are critical to the plot. And almost all these critical cutscenes are going to have at least one button-press event in them. For example, there’s one scene I have planned where the squad assaults a small outpost. Throughout this melee, the player has to press a corresponding key on their keyboard to dodge an incoming attack, and at two different points the player has to press a button to have a guard in one of the guard towers sniped. That’s just a sort of example of what I have inside my noggin, but I’m really gonna need Python for this, because trying to do that in logic bricks is gonna be freaking impossible.

Also, and this addresses the ending. There are four endings I’ve cooked up so far, correlating with two objectives in the last mission; stop a superweapon from destroying the main city of the colony, and defeat the Shadow leader. Now, the player has a certain time limit to stop the gun from firing, and depending on weather they stop it or not decides half your ending right there. Now to the other half. In the final boss fight, there’s a twist; dying does not mean game over; you get part of an ending from this. Different combinations of these two objectives gives one of four possible endings:

Stopped gun + Defeated Shadow leader = Best ending: The protagonist and his squadmates are welcomed home as heroes after thwarting what could have been a disaster.

Failed to stop gun but defeated Shadow leader = Good ending: They set the ship to self-destruct and escape in the escape pods. When they land, inside what used to be the city, the place is ruined, but as the come over the hill of there crater from landing, they see a titanic mass of people; dispite the gun going off, many people survived.

Stopped gun but was killed = Bittersweet ending: Even though the protagonist and his squadmates were killed, the Shadow coupe’d’grace was stopped, and not long after, communications were reestablished and the Shadow fleet hunted down; even though your character died, he saved the colony.

Failed to stop gun and was killed + Bad ending: The squad was a complete failure! Not only did they stop the supergun from firing, they got wiped out by the Shadow leader single-handedly! The entire colony was completely annihilated in less than an hour. When the rest of the Empire finally figured out something was wrong and checked in, what was once a bright, beaming colony was but ash; not a single person survived.

I figured the last bit was a twist because I can’t think of any game where loosing to the final boss actually got you an ending (except MAYBE Fallout, though that’s quite a bit different)

so are you still looking for teammates or not xD

Yeah, why would I have stopped?

because i would like to help you !!!

i would like help…always wanted to help make a game… i could do some modeling for you.

@ Bretthart Ok, I’ll update the first post with you under modeler.
@ kittzs I said you could help already!

but how do we start do u have smth for us or … because i´ve got wuit a bit of time but nothing to do :smiley:

Please translate that into readable english, I can’t even begin to decypher something that garbled.

we are in your team
and we are going to help you but where do you need help ??? modelling objects …?? stuff like that we dont even know how far you are with the game

ok…thanx for letting me on the team… i will start modeling 1 of the weapons u have posted…if u need me to model something else just tell me.

Sign me on for music and possibly sounds. What kind of sounds do you need?

I can also help with environment creation and textures.

Please give me any help you need and i can get started on music if you can give me the feel, emotion, and type of music you need.

I can help… I can do game logic, animation and some pretty basic python scripting.

Wow! Thanks! For sounds, we pretty much need, for the moment:

  1. Weapon fire
  2. Ambience (birds and stuff)
    For at least the first level or so that should suffice, I can get footsteps and stuff from free places on teh interwebz.