Last week, I went to a friends house to play Halo:Reach. I love the Halo games, and most FPS games, but with Reach and Halo 3, I feel as though FPS games are really leaving behind the necessities of gameplay to achieve a polished HD look, making the quality and graphics their top priority. Honestly, Reach is complicated. Between armor augmentations and weapon choice, I get a headache.
SO, for those of you still reading, I’m just trying to point out that most games now are really really complicated. Ever wonder why kids and the elderly dont play most games? Besides the fact that most of them are M, its cause simplicity and quality gameplay are being thrown into the backseat while developers have a makeout session up front with Quality Graphics. Gross, right? Again, I digress.
I want to make a game, neigh, I AM GOING to make a game that focuses on long-term, wave based FPS gameplay that features no Weapon selection, no characters, no color even, but focuses its 100% on fun. I know that sounds really stupid, but let me elaborate a little bit. ALSO, I’M NOT JUST POSTING WITH NOTHING, I DO HAVE A DESIGN DOCUMENT. PM me your email and I can send it to anyone who wants to be on the team, but please continue your reading first.

Project Name: Pistolero (working title, just something solid to call it while its in the works)
Brief Description: A wave-based FPS, focusing on the fundamentals of quality gameplay, also featuring 2-player co-op.
Aim: Downloadable, Free
Compensation: None, but this could help you beef up your portfolio. Im a couple years from colledge but it would be nice to have solid work under my belt while i can get it. This might apply to you, also, ehhh?
Tech: 3D work in Blender, Preferably Python for scripting.
TALENT NEEDED: I need anyone who can seriously put their effort into:
MODELING (because of the simplicity of the game, I can do most of this, but i will need somone who is more advanced and has good experience in modelling, specifically for custom Cell-shaded meshes.)
PROGRAMMING preferably Python, actually, Only PYTHON since we’re using the BGE
LEVEL DESIGN/DESIGNERS I pretty much have this one covered, but anyone who has a good idea for a level and can sketch/build/convey it properly is welcome. Also anyone who has experience in gameplay design would be welcomed with open arms (metaphoricaly, dont get excited.)

So far, I’m the only one in on this. I had a friend drop on me, but he didnt do anything, so good riddance to him (he’ll be jealous someday, just wait…)
Contact me by either

  1. PM me your name (full, please, and if you’re not comforable with that, just give me first or some initials, its better than having to use peoples forum names.) and the postition you want. The sooner you get it in, the more likely you will get it (thats actually BS, I’ll take anyone), and if what you do isnt included in the Needed section above, thats totally cool, the more the marrier. We’ll (I’ll) include you anyway. Also PLEASE INCLUDE WORK SAMPLES, not mandatory, but it will help me know that you arent a flake (are you?) and that I can trust you to help. If you’ve worked on other projects, include that too.
  2. Or Email me, [email protected] , with the above information. Make sure to put in your forum name also, so that i can identify you on here.

I have no real games to show you, only that I humbly ask you to work with me and see this project through to the end. I am an Artist and Designer, with a small bit of experience in the BGE and modeling. I just want to create the best game in my abilities, and having the chance to work with others and collaborate on something is always fun.
So, if you’re interested, let me know. Posting a reply works to, but for the actual Game Design Document, email me.
Thanks all :slight_smile: -Peter

I understand where you are coming from with the whole complication issue. However I didn’t find halo reach and halo 3 anywhere near as complicating as games such as world of warcraft and other similar games. Its not that gameplay is taking the back seat. One of my favorite games is the original nintendo 64 super smash bros which is a pretty basic game. Anyway your idea does seem interesting however when you say no color or characters do you mean the waves will be made up of squares instead of people/monsters. Because then the game will be pretty boring. The biggest selling point for most media is characters. Thousands of people love halo and one of the main reasons is Master Chief. People love deciding who is their ideal or favorite character and if you remove that the games fun factor will be short lived. The best way to make a fun game is to do something that hasn’t been done before. Like instead of defending the attacks from waves put the player in the wave struggling to overcome the defenders. Give players a tase of the other side of the action. As for no weapon changing that idea is fine as long as the weapon is satisfying to the player otherwise they will just get frustrated by it. Anyway you seem like you’re confident in what you’re doing and my interpretation of what you said may be different. Just give it your all and I hope for the best.

I understand what you’re saying, but I meant Reach and Halo 3 were complicated FPS games, wheras WOW is an MMORPG and the Super Smash Bros games are action games/fighting games.

The part about no color is that it consists of Stick people, and everything and everyone is cell shaded. The PLAYER has a black head, while the enemies have White heads (not a form of race, and that wasnt racism, plus Im white so that would be misused racism), and the 2ND PLAYER has a black head too.
The part about characters, I feel as though the Stick Figure is the unsung hero of modern culture, like a blank person that you can fill with what you want them to be, theyre almost innocent. It would be nice to have the character what you think they are.

And i like the idea of having attack waves instead of defensive, that could make a good gametype.

• Renox777- art, design, project lead
• Battery- Programming Lead
• Loughlin Arts- /

thanks all

This will be updated as (if) more members join in.

So we lost Loughlin Arts (i think), and we still need some people. Anyone interested, Please join. I just need some Modelers, Programmers, and Some animators at the moment

I can help out with modeling, and rigging/animation. I can also do texturing but the way it sounds you woun’t have that many. Anyways Just let me know what you would like me to do.

Since you are using the BGE I can probely learn programing easy and fast, if I need to. I plan to anyway I just don’t know when, because I don’t have a use for it but any day here I will start.

Here is the current project I am working on, just so you can see that I get stuff done. http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=198826 Also here is our youtube Channal http://www.youtube.com/user/WarHounds1 (We just made it today, but are planning to put some more stuff up)

Just an FYI I have nothing going on now so for the past month I have have just been on blender 9 to 14 hours a day. that beeing said I have more then enough time now to help out.

How long do you think this is going to take to make?

Just let me know,
Cody Stugalmayer

No idea. At the moment I’ve got most of the core programming roughed in, with the exception of the AI, and now just needs a few bits finishing. Then there’s debugging, improvements, optimisation etc. which I could use help with - how’s your python?

Game play working so far:

  • HUD
  • Player movement and mouse look
  • shooting and reloading
  • killing/scoring points and being killed/taking damage
  • spawning enemies (at random spawn points) and half the wave system

Logic to do:

  • AI movement and attacking
  • Spawning different enemies
  • Time based waves
  • Fix bugs with shooting and mouse look

Do you know much about AI programming, or anything on the to do list?

With regards to artwork/models/textures/rigging/animation you should get in touch with Renox777 as he’s putting this all together and designing the game.

Well I don’t know anything about either at the moment, but I plan to start learning here, which shouldn’t take that long, a month at top. Back in april I was really good at programing, I was good with HTML, phython, java, and C++, but sadly enough since I stoped working with them all I forgot most of it. lol the group I did alot of programing for crashed and burned basicly. (I made a soial networking site with my own games and al of hat on it, since they were paying for it and I couldn’t come up with enough money it got closed down or else I could show you)

ok yea I will try and PM him.

A month is too long. If the project stretches out that long, then maybe you can do it, but I dont want to have to wait. Battery is doing an awesome job, so we could definately use you on Modeling and Animating.

I’ll send you some of the things we need modeled and you can work on them, just keep it LOW POLY, please Haha.
I think I’m going to do as much modeling of the maps as i can, But we still need the basic stick characters and a good low poly Pistol. Just send me your email and I can get you the information.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Yea I agree, I wasn’t planning on doing it for this project, because yea the is a lot to learn.

Okay cool, I sent you some stuff on email.
Art and model sketches will follow.
PS, if you want to work with me in the future as a programmer too, work on your scripting. Id love to start a legitimate team with dedicated people. (You too, Battery)

Ok cool I got the emails, I will look through them. I do like the idea of starting a legitimate team with dedicated people, some time down the road. You have my email now so just let me know, I will also start on those two models. I take you just want to keep this all in email then?

@MrStugelmayer: I’ll probably have most of the logic/python completed within a month, but could use every possible pair of eyes for bug finding/fixing later down the line. So do brush-up on your python, it will come in handy when looking for bugs. It’s probably better to share files via email, PM me yours and I’ll send over a copy of the game play core as soon as I get a chance.

@Renox777: I’m very interested, but I want to see how this project goes first - baby steps! Also, we should probably sort out a timeline for this. I agree that if a project stretches out too long then momentum can get lost and people drop out.

Oakay, cool :slight_smile:
I agree, we really need a timeline. I think this shouldnt take more than a few months to finish, considering the simplicity of it. Although it would be easier with more people, we’ll just work with what we have. It should work out. Im thinking that all the models should be finished within say, the end of the month? Im not sure about texturing right now, but we’ll figure that out.
Yes, email seems to be more private than posting on here, and i dont want to risk anyone getting a hold of our stuff. And if they dont know the progress, then we can surprise them with a cool finished game haha.

This is true. I do like the time line idea.

interesting idea… keep the graphics simple but not crappy looking.

Time line sounds good. A month to get the models, maps and logic done seems realistic. Then perhaps allow another month after for texturing, play testing, bug fixing and tying up any other loose ends?

Thanks, Billymuncher :slight_smile:

@Battery: Sounds like a pretty good timeline to me. So around the begining of December we would want to be finished? This could pass as my christmas present to people haha