FPS, Play it slowly, but not blocky.

I am working on character models for a phone game.
I only get like 6 frames for a running animation, which only works at 8fps
However, when this animation plays, the timeline snaps to the frames and plays at 8fps.
Anyway i could make it show ‘in between frame transitions’ when playing such an animation So it would be 60fps, with the same rate of 8fps?

Btw, What’s the point of that FPS division thingy?

Not sure if I understand what you want to do, but I assume you want to change the FPS and have intermediate frames for an animation that currently only has 8 frames.

Below FPS on the animation panel is Time Remapping. Change the values setting Old to 8 and New to 60. That should do it I think.

That almost works… But the timeline starts not responding to the limits i had set, don’t know how to set the limits correctly.
Neither does it respond to “Select current frame by clicking” normally…