FPS Player?

What’s the best setup to use for the player’s character in a first person shooter?

I’ve tried several different setups, but none of them are very good and not very customizable… Any suggestions?

Use my free FPS template HERE
Its only for 2.49 though, sorry

Use Socials. Great Template!

Socials template is what I’ve been using, but it irritates me how the players weapons and such are really tiny… Everything tends to get scaled wrong, and Social’s template is hard to customize… You move one thing and stuff stops working…

Dont get me wrong, the Socials template is really good, just not for what I need… I need one that I can set up with a player model and add alot of melee animations to.

Your template is a GREAT template. I will use both.

Mine? Wasn’t it you that said I didn’t know my way around blender? Lol I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:


I may try and tweak it a bit… Certainly basic and easy to customize

Love it and i optimized most of it for 2.58

@cheatsman115 thanks, I don’t really use the new blenders, and just don’t have time to port it