FPS shooting system

We are making a sniping game and need some help with the firing system, we have set the gun to fire by creating an object and then adding force to it. This has worked fine except that we can’t work out how to limit the ammo or create a delay between each shot.

(More info on the game logic: Sensor-Mosue -> State-And -> Actuator-Create object)

Anyone know what to do about that?

-UrbanMonkey Team-

Learn python :slight_smile:

OK, we worked out how to make the shoot delay but we still need some help with an ammo counter.

UrbanMonkey Team

use properties

Even though learning python is worthwhile Id say this is possible with logic bricks - (using properties and and a timer).

make a property called shoot, set it to say 100 (or however many bullets u want the gun to have), and make another BOOL property, set the empty to wenever it shoots, the shoot property gets added -1, and then say if left mouse button is the button to shoot, then make the empty only shoot wen left mouse button is click AND when the BOOL property is true. then still selected the empty, make it so when the shoot property equals 0 then the BOOL property is changes to false. and there u have it, i could make a .blend demo if u would like.

Thanks for your comments everyone they were very helpful. We have made the ammo, clip counter and clip pickup using the properties like everyone suggested.

Thanks again,
-UrbanMonkry Team-

id like a blend demo