FPS Survival Shooter || In a need of a team!

Hello everyone.

I am starting to make a game in blender, and i need a team to do it.
It is a fps survival shooter i have some ideas in my head already.
I need a
Python coder

Add me on skype ‘defusegod’

Hello, Defuse…I don’t want to sound negative, but you do realise your post contains (almost) nothing useful? :slight_smile:
Anyone that would like to join such a project would want additional information. What YOU can and will do, any previous work of yours, what is your experience so far etc. There are a tons of FPS shooter projects dieing around. How yours will become any different?
I"m not telling you can not do it of course :slight_smile: Every project is a learning experience, even failed ones.
So I encourage you to post more info and hopefully find your team to do your project. Good luck!

Ok thanks for the advice. I will upload some more footage of the game i have so far. :slight_smile:

Also You might want to look at the tips for sucsessful team projects I dont want to put you off but most people say yaya lets make a game but dont see how hard orginasing it is even in my current team we have a slight lack of comunication and activness