FPS Team project interest - FRONTAL ASSAULT - Members needed

Ok guys. For my next game project I and thinking of doing a team FPS shooter FRONTAL ASSUALT (FA). I need a few members, because I am not great at, say, scripting and animating.

Positions needing to be filled:

Modeller: (Character modeller, hard surface (Buildings), hard surface (Props).

Hard surface (Props): jovan214

Animator: (Character Animator [Walk cycle, reload animation etc.])

Scripter: (Because logic bricks can slow the game down [Although there will be some bricks])

Texturer: (Character, buildings, props)


First, a bit of background:


You are [SGT] Nicholas Harrison. (Call-sign GEMINI). You have been with the 3rd SAS squadron for since you where 24 years old. You are 25 now. You are a good marksman - you have been trained as a sniper as well as infantry, and the SAS.


You have brown hair, brown eyes. You are fairly athletic, but your not a perfect physical specimen.


You are engaged to a woman called … [Yet to be decided]. You Mum died in 9/11 when you where 11; while your where on holiday in America. Your dad is still alive, aged 43. He is a photographer. You have one sibling; a sister; called Ella.

Your best friend is called Joseph - you have been friends since grade school. (Grade 3). He serves in the military with you, as a radio officer who also specialises in mortars.


You are being sent to Saudi Arabia along with Jo. Saudi Arabia is an Oil Industry superpower, and Kazakhstan is battling with it for control over the oil. The battle over there is getting pretty bad. The instigator of these attacks is named Serik - a ruthless man who will stop for nothing to acquire more wealth.
Your team is sent to assassinate Serik, and to prevent a full-scale war between the two countries.

Your team consists of an elite group of 5 men, on a top-secret mission that no-one can find out about.


You wake up. You are lying on the ground, in a small, dank room. It is very small, and dirty. You can see no markings on the wall, whatsoever. You cannot remember anything (As the story goes on, you remember more and more). You walk around the room for a while, punching walls. After a while, you remember that you have an emergency hunting knife strapped to your ankle. You decide to leave it there, just in case. The screen fades, and then fades in again. This time there is a person standing with you. He is dressed in a suit, looks American. He explains to you that you are imprisoned for your actions. You still cannot remember anything. He asks you why you did it, all those things. You have no idea what the hell he’s talking about. He starts getting angry, and starts asking for information on secret Australian military information. You still cannot remember anything. He is really worked up know, and throws a punch at you. You dodge it, and then he hits you in the face. You are knocked out.


You are inside a military airforce hangar - you can hear gunshots all around, ricocheting off the aluminium walls. Your mate yells at you to get into a plane, chinook or whatever, something. You jump in an jet just as its taking off - the navigators seat. Your pilot is then shot dead, and you do some cool stunts which involved climbing out the nav seat and into the cockpit. You then fly the jet around, destroying enemy aircraft. You’re then instructed to head East, so you fly in that direction. Your view fades out.

You re-awake to a man man-handling you by the shoulders, slamming you into the wall of the cell. He’s shouting: ‘What do you know about us? WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?’, you don’t know anything. He punches you in the face again, and you notice two bigger guys behind him. He is still shouting at you when he yanks you off the wall and half trips half kicks you into the other guys. They knee you in the chest, and let you fall the the ground. You sweep one of their legs out, and he falls over. You knock out everyone, and then a guy in a lab coat comes in through a sliding panel and jabs a needles into your arm. You are knocked out, again.


Sorry if the new storyline didn’t make any sense - Im writing it out pretty late :slight_smile: So yeah, its pretty much going to be a flash-back sort of thing. Let me know about any ideas / or anything I can improve upon.

So guys, this project is still in its infancy. As you can see, the basic storyline is outlined but not completely scripted yet. I’m working on that; although I need a little bit of interest to see if this is worthwhile going through with.


Here is a Time-Lapse of a pistol I have made for the project, it is only a hard surface thats going to be baked. More Comeing soon…


Menu design render start - not finished yet :slight_smile:

My menu image is giving me stylized graphics ideas :slight_smile: Who knows, eh?