FPS weapon

[LEFT]Hey now I need help making a fps that I need to do to go over a weapon my character if they do not take the tutorials that are not dark Scarab[/LEFT]

I can’t make out what you are asking. You’re question isn’t clear. Are you trying to make your character pick up a weapon if they walk over it???

yes, that’s what I want

Wow, there really isn’t one right way to do that. Maybe get some more blender experience before trying to make a FPS. Good luck!

That’s all covered in Social’s FPS template. It’s located at :
Blender Artists Forums > Game Engine > Game Engine Support and Discussion How to make FPS, RPG, MMORPG, RTS.

Lol, you coulda just given him the link

Yeah, I thought it was silly to do that to, but it seems like the one time I posted a link in this forum it said it had to be approved and I never saw it actually get posted. So, I just did that.