Ok I make my animation ok thats done now to test it when I try to play the animation It tells me it is running at 24FPS which my game runs at 60 FPS so short of rendering out the whole animation is there anyway I can see this without having to make it x2 slower than it would have to be then rendering and hoping for the best?

A couple of things you can do. My choice would be to do an openGL render of the 3d view port of the animation. In the 3d view’s header, the icon on the very right (looks like a clapboard) will do a quick render of the 3d view and output as set in the render panel, (file format/location, render size, etc).

Other things you can try is reducing what’s on screen so what you see is more basic. For example, turn off subsurf modifiers, and any other modifiers that aren’t needed and of course, don’t use textures. Switch the 3d view to wire frame view and stuff like that.

But really, the openGL render I think is the best approach, it’s pretty quick and rendering out to a movie clip makes it easy to view in any media player.


You can change the FPS that Blender will play when it is doing animation. In the Properties panel under the “Render” tab there is an option for setting the FPS. If you change this to 60 and hit “play” on your animation then Blender will attempt to play back 60 FPS.