Fracplanet - Generates fractal terrain or planets.

I just found this - might be of use to a few people.

To quote directly from the site…

Fracplanet - Generates fractal terrain or planets.

Fracplanet is an interactive tool for creating random fractal planets and terrain areas with oceans, rivers, lakes and icecaps. The results can be exported as models to POV-Ray and to Blender, or as texture maps for more general usage. The code is licensed under the GPL. It uses Qt and OpenGL.

Ubuntu/Debian package found via

P.S. This looks pretty neat too.
Evolvotron - “Generative art” software to evolve images.

This may be a dead project, the docs say something about the author using Blender 2.36.

You can create better terrains with Frr’s texture node trees and node textures judging by the screen shots.

fracplanet is pretty well done, not much out there even tries to do rivers so it’s on a short list already just with that.

I have a project of my own I’ve been working on in Irrlicht, unfortunately it’s been cold for at least a month or two due to my work situation suddenly(ish) dissapearing from under me. But still I thinks it’s a good foundation and absolutely 100% gold plated will be picking it up where I left off full force as soon as I can stabilize my income. The thread at the irrlicht forum is here (the link goes to page 6 where I’ve put some interesting bits) :

And I have some very alpha videos at youtube :

Some links that might be of intrest, i discovered becuase i had to come up with some fractal planetary textures lately…