Fractal arts

I want to know about the fractal/ raw fractal arts. I have seen many beautiful pictures made by this media. I have no idea what are the fractals are. All I know they are derived from some mathematical fields…or how to say…But how to make arts of them? and software does that? (In Linux for me)

Blender can create such fractal arts?

try mandelbulber:

I’ve played a little with gnoFract4d in linux a few times and would recommend it. Lets you play simply but you can do more complicated stuff if you wish, and it renders it nice as well. :slight_smile:

Also, there’s Apophysis (but I can’t remember if that’s Windows only). You can use Syntopia as well, it’s GPU-accelerated and renders realtime.

Sorry, double post for some reason.

I’ve been playing around with Flamepainter for a couple years now and have created some really nice stuff with it. It’s only 2D and costs $20 but I’ve had a lot of fun with it.