Fractal Button missing from v2.64?

Hi, I cant seem to find a FRACTAL button in version 2.64.
I am following the NOOB TO PRO Mountains out of Molehills tutorial. It specifies :

“Fractals are located in the Mesh Tools section of your edit buttons (next to Noise, Hash and Xsort) or in the options for subdividing labeled Fractal under smoothness (Access it through the specials menu (WKEY) and selecting subdivide 2.61) Click it and you’ll be asked for a value. This value is the strength of the fractal. 1 is very low and will barely change your model. 100 is very high and will twist your models into very odd shapes indeed. Have a play with different values until you find one that you like. Around about 15-30 should do it. Hit OK and presto, your mountains have been transformed from clinical neatness, to lumpy chaos.”

I have a subdivide button, but pressing it just subdivides my mesh, there are no options. Am I completely blind and cant see it or is it hidden somewhere else?
BTW I am new at this so possibly I cant see the tree for the forest.

Subdivide your object and then you have fractal as one of the subdivide options in the toolshelf (shortcut T) or F6.
Note that these are the locations where you’ll find the options for all the tools you use.

That tutorial sounds like it is very old and very out of date. To avoid confusion just throw it away and use tutorials written for the version of blender you are using.

Thank you very much. You have been a huge help. I found it .
Yes, You would be right about the age of the tutorial, though I haven’t found too many basic ones for 2.64. Maybe not looking in the right place. (again). Or not googling the right phrase. Will keep on it though.
Once again, thanks for your response.