Fractal City

Based on a Julia fractal model generated in Xenodream and exported in .obj and applied a remesh modifier. The final composition was made in blender but a few details were retouched in Gimp.

Render time via cycles: Gtx 550 X2 = 48min with 1500 samples, 1920X1920, non-progressive and 256x256 tile size.

Easter egg:
Look! there I am! (that buch of pixels) (:

It’s chaotic, but somehow I like it. The lights and details give it that grungy-future feel.
Nice work.

Wow! - I really like the chaotic feel it has to it. Especially in the first image, where the streaks of light really gives a nice size-impression of the structure. I can’t even imagine to think how this would look as an animated fly-through.

How many polygons did you end up with in that scene?

That exactly gonna be included into the current shortfilm i’m working on! (:

The darker parts of the image may seem a little dull, but the concept is quite stunning. What was the resolution of the remesh modifier?