Fractal extruder 04

Thanks, I know that article which I wrote about it June 13, 2009: I tried a few of those listed in the article, but not fully working, and need a little bit more diving into it before getting benefit of the Wiki-article.

And I know we all get some lifting by taking the effort to learn.

Point is that I want it to make Blender users making production a bit easier because the learning curve is still high; What I see on the internet is loads of short animations, all experiments with addons and other tools. There are not that much YouTube series you can watch every week, for example. This while my 13 year old daughter has a Gatcha live studio app on her tablet, being more productive than me.

A blender user has a lot to learn: Rigging, a bit of coding, Animation, Color Science, how each addon works, blender internal tools, shading, UV-unwrapping, UV packing, texturing, use of nodes, render settings of different render engines, compositing, lighting, basics of concept art, design techniques, Fcurves, marketing, etc, etc. I could fill a page full with this.

So that means there is a change I ask the developer if we could reduce learning curve a bit by making it the user a bit easier. I want to see that Blender is not only an experiment box, but real production software.

That’s why I started the website above. To reduce the time spend on research of addons per user. More than 100 addons are listed, and sometimes I try an addon and it is not working. In that case I waisted 4 hours for nothing. I don’t want other Blender users to waist their time like that. So, I believe documentation, list of working addons, good tutorials, will all help making Blender the software that even my neighbour want’s to try. (bit exaggerated, but I hope you see what I mean).


Thanks for your work!
I would have more time to spend improving my Blender addons and particurarly fractal extruder that’s my favourite.
Once I ll be able to work on It again, first thing on the list Is a workflow and some snippets, I could send you a description for your website.
I ve some ideas I m looking forward to try:

  • Voxel remesh
  • some kind of Path finding (A* ecc…
  • get rules from text editor

Hi @rastart,

And thanks for your work!
The reasons why I am so interested in the Fractal Extruder is that I believe there could be another modeling technique. Recently I had a conformation of that believe when I tried a quite flexible array addon that could work with metaballs. (array with rotation, scale, random, multi-array, radial, etc).

Maybe you came to the idea of Voxel Remesh the same reason as I came to metaballs. (not so much difference between Voxel remesh and metaballs somehow). For months I am brainstorming about organic modelling in a way that could be related to things like: radial arrays, symmetry, fractals, Chaos, Fibonacci, boids, L-systems and interesting formulas. Can you imagine: real time modelling with those and metaballs / voxel. I wish I could write an addon, like that but I’ve already seen it’s far above my head.

Modeling with metaballs in flexible (multi)array was already an awesome experience to me. And modeling with L-systems or fractals in a user-friendly way … I think this will create a modelling technique that will last like the now very popular hard-surface modelling.

What I mean to say is that I think that Fractal Extruder could have a bright future. But those are ofcourse my own personal thoughts.

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Hello @rastart,

I was having the same error as @493468319 when trying to invoke bpy.ops.mesh.fractal_extruder in blender 2.8.
I took the liberty of updating the addon to work from 2.80 - 2.83. (Needs beta testing!)
Fantastic addon by the way, really fun to play around with! :slight_smile: (9.8 KB)


PS. Was this officially working in 2.8 by the way? I see other users have already been using it, is everyone using a version prior 2.8?


Thanks for the fix… I made 02 version work in 2.8 but It s very buggy.
I need some info on how to correctly manage new mesh creation inside a python operator execution, this is the main problem with this code, once resolved I could go forward to study new features.

Yes! That absolutely the idea, being a designer/3d modeler sometime I would have specific tool to resolve a particular shape and this is the case of polysweeper and F.EX , Blender made this possibile with a not impossibile effort for non professional programmer.
But It s at same time a pro and a cons, because I’m working in 3d modeling I know perfectly what I Need but I dont have the programming skill and the full time to work It in short time.

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THIS IS A ‘CONCEPT’ ADDON so workflow and interface are temporary.
At moment I’m experimenting on remeshing and curve follow rules.


Hello Everyone,
I finally found the time to rework this addon:
In the first post you can find the 0.4 version !
Lots of new feature:

The system begin to be nice to use…
For who has some knowledge about Lsystem I could ask you just a little help to refine the grammar and workflow, I set the reserved instruction very similar to other implementation found on-line but I think a lot improvement could be done about the general grammar.
Here an overview:

‘F’ or ‘G’ → grow a segment forward

‘S’ → scale down overwrite the scale parameter in progression
‘s’ → same but inverted scale

‘&’ ‘^’ → +X -X
‘+’ ‘-’ → +Y -Y
‘|’ → +180° Y
‘\’ ‘/’ → +Z -Z

use ‘A’ to ‘Z’ uppercase letter
‘N’ is reserved for progressive index ( to use in expressions)
‘a’ is reserved for general angle input
‘L’ is reserved for general length input
use ‘2’ to ‘9’ to set an object reference
‘1’ is reserved for the fractal edges

‘[’ ‘]’ → create a branch ex A:F+[FBA]+[FCA]
!val! → express custom rotation: +!45! → rotate by 45°
same for movement: F!10.5! → move forward by length 10.5
!*val! → multiply mode
?val1;val2? is to set a random value between val1 and val2 (for both rotation and movement)
!#single line expression! → python eval mode, EX: !#sin(N*2)*10!

Let me know about it!
(also if the new release is working since are quite late here and I could have made a mess)


0.5 release preview:


  • Curve guide
  • New stochastic grammar
  • New grammar to generate at specific condition
  • generate linked Gpencil object with vertex map weights (GPENCIL FXS WORK GREAT!!!)

At moment I just need to make some refining to usability to release the new version.
So considering now I’m going on vacation I will release the 0.5 in september.

Meanwhile are there some of you familiar with Lsystem?
If so and if you are interested you can contact me by personal message, I would need some help on testing and finalize the grammar tags!


curve profile widget in developing (borrowed from polysweeper…)


it is not working on this i cant download it