Fractal extruder

Hello everyone!
Some years ago I tried to get a way to make a polygon extrusion based on Lindenmayer system rules,
I recently switched to blender and I found that was possible also with my limited scripting training to get this kind of operator… So here it is:
GUMROAD LINK $0+ ( just in case of spontaneous donation ) (9.6 KB)

2.79 (8.3 KB)
(mesh tool -> fractal extruder)


  • make a face selection to get size and position
  • once operator is active it creates a new object linked to the face index ( every time the operator act on the same face it overwrites the relative fractal obj)
  • to modify the fractal object just select in the FRACTAL EXTRUDER menu and it will be overwrited

Reserved instructions:

‘F’ grow a segment forward
‘S’ overwrite the scale parameter in progression

‘&’ ‘^’ -> +X -X
‘+’ ‘-’ -> +Y -Y
‘|’ -> +180° Y
‘\’ ‘/’ -> +Z -Z
(I tried to make it similar to Houdini Lsystem)

to insert the rules:

  1. use ‘:’ to specify a rule ex. A:FFB
  2. use a space to separate rules ex. A:+FB B:-FC
  3. use ‘[’ ‘]’ to create a branch ex A:F+[FBA]+[FCA]

let me know if it could be of some use or fun…

PS - if there are anyone interested to help me develop this addon is welcome!
PPS - other crazy scripts incoming…


:grin: crazy, man!

very good. Do you intend to make version 2.8?

Yes, I’ll wait for the 2.8 stable, meanwhile I’ll try to improve the code, I would like to include also some presets for organic archetype, ecc…
I’m working on a pathfinder algorithm right now…

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wow, cool! :building_construction::building_construction::building_construction:

If you find the way to convert this on a kind of sculpting brush, (for example apliying the script to the poligons selected by the brush with graduation of stregth) it would be a very interesting addon that you could sell, there is not a lot of things on bio inspired modelling on todays 3D soft.

Nice, i like the standard mathematical L-system UI…

:sunglasses: maybe you could join forces with Tissue [add-on] developer (for UI and some more)?


Very cool.

very interesting

Some kind of workflow, being the fractal object a polyline mesh with a skin modifier the armature is self generate…
An insect basically is a A-B-C pattern so the axiom ABC ->


Then some posing with the auto IK:

Just some emissive materials and here the 100% lsystem extruded blendigrade ->


I LOVE L-Systems! Haven’t played with them in years, really going to have fun with this. A long time ago I tried to implement one inside of POV-Ray, which sort of worked. Kudos for bringing more organic awesomeness to Blender!

Thank you and good to know! I need some feedbacks about improvements!

Initially I tried to do somethink like that into modo, but I lacked the skin modifier!
The main concept is to get a fast way to generate Lsystem extrusion without break the direct modelling workflow, so I would keep it a modelling operator…
Since the overwriting rules are easily reusable I would try to get a preset database shared also with the animation node Lsystem generator, this is easy to obtain using text data to define axiom and rules…
So I’m going to add a load text rules button once I figured out how to do.

Yes, I think I ll add two other option:
1 translate the extrusion in a lsystem animation node setup ( and uniform the rules sintax accordingly)
2 a sort of brush to deploy the extrusion on the surface with auto remesh ( in a dyntopo sculting workflow)

2.8 version ready and seem to work fine!
I found some problems with new layer system: at moment the fractal objects ID linking is broken
I’ll fix it as soon as I understand how to do it…

0.2 release out!

Fixed 2.8 related bug
Added a obj pointer to overwrite fractal objects

I’m working to a more comfortable way to inset L-system rules and store them…


Hi @Rastart
Do you have a few example more for to fill in AXIOM and RULES.
I wrote an article about your addon and want to give a few more examples to get the users started. I copied already the two examples in the screenshot.

Hi! Basically the sintax is the same of the Houdini lSystem,
The examples here should work and also those from other standard lSystem, once I ll get some time in the next days I ll post some other screenshots!

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Hello, I can’t use any of these 2 versions to find a plugin.

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Ok! I ll check It soon… Once I get some time I ll put also a tutorial!