Fractal Forest

I am a few days into learning Blender. I’ve been watching the on-line tutorials, etc.

I made a 2D fractal using Ultra Fractal and then used the resulting image as a texture to displace and color a subdivided plane.

Looks pretty good though I’d like to get more detail from the foreground peaks. If I add more subdivisions it freezes Blender as it exceeds the memory available on my machine.

I’m thinking a good strategy might be to divide up the plane so that I can apply more detail to the parts near the camera and less to the background. I’m not sure how I could automate that for animated camera moves though.

Back to the tutorials to learn more… If you have any advice for me, please leave a comment. Thanks!

you might have 2 planes :
one with normal precision
the other with great precision near the cam
you just have not change the image with moving 'none displacment"