Fractal in a snowglobe scene

The scene is unfinished i might add either objects like books and such to the table or other snow globes of different sizes housing more fractals… The fractal is just a mathematical equation node plugged into the volume input of a material. I wish Blender had better and more support for 3D fractals.


The reason Blender doesn’t have explicit support for 3D fractals is because they tend to very specific as far as use cases go. They are better off generated by node groups rather than as a hardcoded type.

This image shows that, they look pretty good as an artistic piece in a scene, but it is not something you would apply to real world materials. Everything looks nice so far, is the back wall slated to get color?

Not sure, but mainly i would like to get a scene similar to this. The idea is from the new THX intro.

Not sure i have a system powerful enough to pull it off its only a ryzen 8 core and a GTX 1070.

Are you planning to animate this?

If so, do note the fact that the people who make these animations have an entire renderfarm at their disposal (which can render hundreds of frames at once). You might be able to produce similar visuals in a reasonable amount of time with OIDN or with Optix denoising, but it will still take a while with one machine.

No im going to have to go for still shots. Simply don’t have the compute power. Specially with those volumetric fractals in the globes.

I’m realizing that even denoising doesn’t work for situations like this.
I’m dealing with glass right now and with denoising, I still get splotchy areas that are quite noticeable.