fractal particles

Does anybody have any scripts for fractal particles ? I was stairing into my iTunes fractal particles genarator and was thinking this could be really cool in Blender . Anybody experiment with it in. Can Blender do this ? I am sure it can.

youngbatcat, have you got any examples of what you mean (jpg’s and algorithmns etc)?

The reason I ask is that I’m playing around with Blender’s particle system at the mo, so anything like that is quite interesting for me.



I have had some sucess using a free program called visions of chaos (do a search in google) This will create 3d fractals and export them as DXF files. Open these with blender and use the mesh as the particle generator.

There might be a way to integrate fractal equations using python. > Goes to check… The only fractal - python reference I can fiind is for S68’s Worldforge script which creates fractal landscapes. Perhaps this can be adapted to produce fractal shaped meshes to use as emittors.

Other than that I don’t know. :smiley:


This is one good example of lots of pics

But if you are on Windows download ITunes and see for yourself what I mean. Tripy!

Also this one

Infact Mac OSX has all sorts of 3d programs that has these but there is no way to control them it is mostly just music and mouse input. Like Breve you test breve for free on any platform it has full source code to hack at.

I talked to Ton about all of this before but he said it waas to easy of stuff to make. Yet no one has made any of it yet for Blender. I think is is really nice effects stuff.
visions of chaos

Thta is the one you spoke of. that is one of them. Itunes does it all in 3D so that is where Blender could go zippy cool with. I will find more.