fracture frustration

I honestly have not messed much with the add-ons, but I did use the cloud generator, and it worked like a charm. However, this fracture script has me at an impasse. I have selected the default cube. The instructions here say " In the toolbar : T ". That’s where I am stuck. I checked the fracture add on in properties, and now I am wondering am I supposed to execute the command ‘T’ in which toolbar? And the next instruction: Then search : Search “Fracture”. In which search field? ( I know of at least two ) Also I am not quite sure how to execute the search command, and am unsure what the deal with it is, in general. I typed fracture + enter in the search field in the add ons window, and the one over on the upper right in the outliner window I think. So far I have seen no additional options, or tools. If anyone could shed some light on this, I would appreciate it. I feel like such a noob! :o
(edit) I noticed I can add ‘fracture helpers’ from the add menu, so it seems the script is active anyway.
(edit2) oh and I see how the search function works now. Man, this is like learning Blender all over again. gasp.

Had the same problem, If I understand you . Hit space bar and type fracture objects. That is if I understand.

Ah that seems to have done it. Thanks. Now I have some options over in the operators area. And I fractured my cube.