Fracture help with Apex physx

Im using apex physx destructable assets to make the environment in my level destructable, im going crazy and i want everything but the floors destructable.

I made a mesh that is hollow, you can walk into it has 4 walls outside, and inside it has a smaller shell. I thought boxing off every unused geometry would solve the problem since if the model isnt closed off you get undisirable results when fracturing the mesh.

I tried applying UCX_ collision and that didnt help really i get these planes running through my mesh making it look crazy. It looks like it was trying to make a space to fracture anf gives it the default checkered texture.

Is there a way to solve this for use with udk? If i make the fdacture material transparent would that fix it? Or would you be able to see chunks?

I can provide pictues if needed thanks for any input.