Fracture Modifier Promotional Motion Graphics Call!

I’m working on some motion graphics for the Fracture Modifier and thought why not invite the community to contribute? So here it is. I want to do some promotion of the Fracture Modifier and am looking for either concepts or completed works for text motion graphics. Let’s see what the community has got to offer right now.

If your work is selected it will be shown to peeps in SoCal during meetings and possibly be put on online. You have a lot of freedom so be creative. Feel free to post concept work with any text in it to get feedback or you can jump in and do the whole thing. This is about you the artist more than the work. Please post your work here for all to enjoy and benefit by.

Here’s the text and you can break it up however you like:

The Fracture Modifier Team is proud to announce the release of our blender 2.79 based Fracture Modifier build. It is one of blender’s most popular development branches. It has been used in the Hardcore Henry movie, Fortnite game cinematic and other film and TV productions.

It has grown to be more than just a fracturing tool and has become a feature-rich destruction creation and shard constraint management platform that interacts seamlessly with Bullet Physics. Newly added bending metal, deforming plastic and fake cloth rigid body constraint settings in addition to blender’s new shadow catching make it a VFX game changer.

The updated Python helper addon that is included assists even new users with advanced simulations made easy. The popular automatic smoke/dust/debris system is now Dynamic Paint driven. Along with new automation and workflow improvements we added a pie menu.

Additional features that give artists a powerful tool for experimentation and fine tuning include autohide for glass cracks, trigger/untrigger for shard movement, wood type splintering, and improved convert to objects and keyframes for exporting.

And…it’s all 100% Free/Libre Open Source Software! Fracture ON!

For more information and download links go to or search for Fracture Modifier documentation on