Fracture problems

Hi guys. I’ve been working through the intro course; once I was confident with modeling and basic animation, I wanted to jump forward into fracture, but now I’m in over my head.

So, this is my Scene:

And this is my interface:

The end product will be a title that floats forward out of thick mist that says “Boss”, and then each letter will get shot from behind, shatter and fall out of frame. Each letter is on it’s own layer to reduce render time. My end goal was to break each letter into 2-4 large pieces, and several small shards where the bullets penetrate, with cracks spreading out from the bullet hole.

However, when I fractured the letters, the only place shards were created was a small portion on the bottom of the B.

Additionally: I also saved this blend file yesterday without knowing, and as you can see, my fracture tool is not showing up when I click the shards, so I can’t seem to restore the original mesh; even though the tutorial said all I have to do was uncheck the Execute box >:(

The online resources for how to properly use the fracture tools are so sparse, and troubleshooting these little problems are aggressively frustrating. Solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your advice, and I look forward to hearing from you.

I can see several issues, one being that the mesh it extremely high poly in one area and low poly in the others. Try hand modeling your B using that as a reference so you get more even poly distribution. Also try applying scaling and rotation to the mesh. To re enable the tools go to preferences -> Addons and make sure fracture tools is checked. Try hitting space in the viewport and searching ‘frac’ should turn up the tools. Hope this helped.

I had been worried it would come to this. It was converted Mesh from Text. It happens, I guess. Thanks guys. Should be able to redo these titles in a couple hours. I’ll call upon your expertise if I have any more difficulty.

So, I finished remodeling a test letter, duplicated it and put it on Layer 6; then applied the fracture tool, and now it fractures quite cleanly, thanks mad scientist. The next thing I’d like to know is if there’s a way I can control where the breaks in the mesh occur.

The effect you see in the attached image was the result of fracturing and undoing the effect several times over. What i’d like to accomplish is, instead of slicing it all the way across, I want to pluck out a smaller section, about the size of the top of the curve in the top piece. The information will help me design the rest of the title.


The fracture tools will always cut through the entire object to the other side. You could try changing the fracture to another number and then back to what you want to regenerate the shards until you get what you want. There is no precise way to get the shards the way you want, just got to hope it fractures the way you want. You could try fracturing a shard after the initial fracture to get the pieces the size you want and that way it wont look like a continuous line all the way through.