Fracture tool trouble

Hi guys,

i am trying to create an animation where a lot of stuff falls into the gound

Of course, i used fracture tool, and in blender 2.62 this works really good.

When i fractured a cup with the “FLAT” crack tipe, everything went well, the cup reached the ground and crashed. But, when i did the same with "Rough’’ crack tipe,
the cup explode in the air, before reach the ground.

How do i fix that?
thanks :smiley:

Is the bounding box convex? It went well on flat so i guess collision margin is zero already . If bounding is ‘triangle mesh’ and it is still exploding try using texture to make it look rough and use flat faces.Also try fracturing mesh without any transforms like scale rotation etc.

i know about making rough textures,
but need to be rough cracks to seem real

if i put “triangle mesh” the cracks become weird when reaches the ground

anybody else know a different way?