Fracture Tools Addon

This post is for those of you who are asking how to start with fracture addon (from author pildanovak) in blender 2.55. In this time, full of beta versions and many API changes, is very hard to keep scripts updated. Also beta version of blender doesn’t support some of great features from 2.49 or doesnt allow to proof new functions for 2.55.
That is what I understood from discussions here:

This tutorial shows fracture condition in blender version r32886.
Tutorial consist from three 5 min. parts here:

  • basic setup - get it works
  • some tweaking
  • two materials
    … all this done in hope that tutorials becomes outdated very soon :slight_smile:

Final result

Tutorial - part 1
Tutorial - part 2
Tutorial - part 3

I was wondering how you managed to achieve the really jagged cuts in the outer surface of the cube. In using the fracture addon it cuts the object up with very sharp, smooth cuts and I’m interested in creating much rougher, more realistic effect. I’m assuming displacement maps are involved, at least as far as the interior surfaces go. I was wondering if you could either explain how you achieved that level of detail, or alternatively, if you would be kind enough to provide me with the blend so I can take a closer look?

Feel free to private message me if you like.

Much appreciated.


Thanks for the tutorials!

I always wondered how to use the fracture tool.