Fracturing Concrete

Learn how to fracture concrete multiple times in Blender using cell fracture, rigid body physics, and constraints!

Great tutorial! I followed it as best I could, but for some reason my Ridged Body Constraints add on wouldn’t install correctly. It said I already had one of the same name, but I don’t know how to enable it. My RB constraints doesn’t look like yours. It only has a little button saying “constraints”.

But anyways, here’s my result. I enabled “start deactivated” and it allowed me to make it look like it was being broken, but I really just used the grease pencil to draw the area to break–once again, your way of doing it didn’t work for me.

@Anduin: Be sure to install the latest Addon (, link in my signature). Install it vie Preferences - Install Addon. Search for Bullet or Constraints in Addons and it should appear, activate it by hitting the checkbox right of it.

If you still got problems tell me, here or pm.

@Jonathan: Thanks again for your Tutorials on this. I’ve seen you followed my advice :wink:

Thanks Bashi, it really helped!

thanks right tutorial at the right time…and also the right addons…was building a ruined post apocalyptic city…which however would have taken a bit long…if i wouldnt have watched your tutorial…great one \m/