Fragments Of Design


It has been a while since I last did anything with Blender, but I’ve decided to give it another go and as a result I’ll be launching a new project called Fragments Of Design.
As the name suggests I’ll be working weekly (I hope) on new designs. Little pieces of design, mostly isolated models.
I’ll be posting videos on youtube on my channel Fragments Of Design, 360° views of the models.



Fort Ash

Looking at the model and it makes me wonder about the construction of the trolly, I think either the edges should meet or have some kind of support, other areas make me wonder too.

As for the video, what is it intended for? There are no obvious problems at first glance.


Thanks for your reply. About the model, this is a test model, just to get my video settings working. I do plan to work on it further. The video is intended for presentation of the models.


Ok I have now uploaded a new video. It’s now in Full HD 1080p, and I’ve also added a little piece of soothing music that I made myself. Please comment on the video. Size, quality, sound, lightning…

I have updated the link to the new video, replacing the old one on the first post.


Fort Ash


I have now uploaded a new video of a finished model, a grenade. As you can see I changed the look of the video, and this is a setup that I am planing to use in the future. When I put some work into the Wagon model, I will replace the original video with a new one.

Fort Ash

Update [1.0] Changed the original Wagon video with a new video, rendered using the new setup.

Fort Ash