Frame camera around an animation.

Hi folk.

im trying to think of a way to achieve a camera effect, I want a kind of flying/ walking animation where the camera lines up perfectly with an animation playing on a plane, then carries on from that point. It’s slightly more complicated in that I want the camera to then rotate to show the plane the film was playing on. I hope this makes sense, I can’t think of a better way to describe it.

Ill have to animate the second half of this first, with a bit of a prelude and zoom onto the plane at just the right moment.

What I’m unsure of is/are:
How to create a plane of the exact lens dimensions.
How to line the camera up perfectly with the plane at the point of handover.
And if I’m better to zoom to the plane and have the camera stay still at that point, or join two animations together in post.

I’m very tired and not sure I’m explaining this very well!