Frame Count Overlay

Hi there, I have a .mov file that I imported into the Blender Video Editor. I’d like to add a frame count overlay and then export the new .mov file with the overlay. This would greatly help me with my animation.
Is there a way to do this?
Thank you.

In Render panel look under Stamp for various overlays


Sweet… thank you for this.

I just realized that you could make a pseudo caption device with this and the note or strip name function.

If all you need is to know the frame number, but not necessarily and overlay, you can do this with the Quicktime player. Click on the time display and select from the list…

If you’re using Linux, Mplayer (with the SMPlayer front end) will give you the same thing.

It’s handy for use in blender in fact. I wonder if proxies could have this burnt in? Even a non output render in preview window would be helpfull. So you can see the state of playhead without squinting at tiny values spread around the screen.