#FRAME driver issue

Hi everyone!
I’m using Blender 2.91 and I’ve recently encountered an issue while animating textures.
I wanted to constrain value to time, so I wrote #FRAME expression in value input box. But it displayend me prompt saying that autoexecution of Python scripts can be dangerous. Nevertheless I choose “allow” but it doesn’t work. Input box is colored purple and if I try to edit the driver it says “ERROR: Invalid Python Expression”.
So I checked the Blender documentation and turned on “Auto Run Python Scripts” in Preferences. But it still displays the error.
I tried to re-open the file, create new scene, run Blender as Administrator, open in blender 2.90, and even try this on different PC with no success.
I don’t remeber having any problems with this before.
Every bit of help is much appreciated!

just type frame (not #frame)
Edit: do not use capitals (not FRAME)

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Thank you for your reply!
But unfortunately Blender displays an error:
“Error evaluating number, see Info editor for details: name ‘frame’ is not defined.”

Maybe you’re typing it in somewhere weird?


#frame is something you can type directly into a field. The # makes it into a driver automatically. When you put in “#frame” it says, drive this value from something, and that something is “frame”.

Sorry I did not know the hash trick, you can type #frame in the value you want to drive to create a driver.
Or right click the value add driver and in the driver editor type frame as expression, either way the driver expression is frame as shown not capitals

Thank for all your help!
I think I found why #frame didn’t work for me. I tried to type it to the same input of a node I had typed #FRAME in capitals before. But after typing it in lowercase in a new node, it works! Even with auto execution of Python Scripts turned off.